I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in economics at the University of Verona. My background is in law, which was the basis of my master’s degree and the principal field when I was practicing as an attorney and international consultant.  In 2015 I had the chance to be selected as a doctoral fellow by the Collegio Carlo Alberto, where I spent three years studying Institutions, Economics and Law. Building upon my past legal experiences as a judicial clerk and attorney, alongside the lessons learned working side by side international organizations such as the ILO and UNESCO, I managed to analyze, from an economic perspective, the functioning of French labor courts in three different empirical ways.

The first chapter of the doctoral thesis (Are polarized courts dangerous for litigation? Evidence from French labor courts) has been already published by the prestigious Journal of Institutional Economics (Cambridge University Press), available at the following DOI:


The second and third chapter of the thesis are now under review in two prestigious international journals. In general, all articles try to tackle juridical issues with economic tools, analyzing the role of judges, lawyers and reforms with cutting-edge empirical methodologies that exploit historical and institutional insights to solve statistical issues (such as endogeneity and reverse causality) in the most efficient way.

My current research agenda is particularly dense at the moment, considering that I am collecting all criminal judgement delivered by International Courts, to build an updated dataset to be used for the empirical analysis of international sentencing and the most heinous crimes. In light of the pandemic shock, I am also collecting data to produce two empirical works on period poverty and shadow immigration, and a massive work on crimes and determinants of limitation period in Italy.

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