As you may have noticed surfing on this website, there are very few pictures shown in colors. That is because I am primary a black and white photographer. The ones you’ll see there are one of the very few colored images you will ever see on this website. They are on sale, as most of my pictures are, on forex and fine art.

* * *


JokProbably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, specially when tourists are gone and the only sound you can hear are the arctic terns, singing in this natural theatre.

The ancient theatre

PolaOne of the reportage I was working on as a professional photographer was about ancient Rome and the spread of culture and art around Europe. You can find a moltitude of interesting place, even outside Italy. Croatia, Pola. Pula Arena: ancient amphitheater, 27 BC – 68 AD.

The sunset

AlpeisI was sitting outside the Barf fort and the light went off almost immediately, as a blackout. The wind was blowing clod through the Alps and I was freezing.

Baie des anges

NiceI always remain astonished looking at the special turquoise colour of the French Niçoise sea.

The big mother

 6x6Last picture in colour. This is an homage to the beautiful city where I grew up, Torino, northern Italy. As you can see in my biography I still use my analogic cameras, even if it is a slow, rather difficult and expensive process, compared to the easiest way of digital cameras. But who cares? Analog has the magic that digital have not and it still gives you the surprise of meeting a birth (have you ever seen a picture coming up from a white paper? if no, you really have to, because with digital you can’t see that). It is quite funny to use my old Lomo camera as a fancy frame to take a picture through a painting.
This is King Vittorio Emanuele I bridge, Turin, Italy.

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