The train boy

Taking portraits is probably one of the most difficult things to do for a photographer. Every person is so special and has so many thing to say to the world that is difficult to show in just one picture who they are.

This is why I love portrait so much. They seems to be a true challenge to
be as good as you can to synthesize in just one shot happiness, illness, fear, rage, carefree, or no matter what and comunicate this kind of status in an emotion to the viewer.

As you will notice at the appropriate time, I prefer to avoid asking permission to people, because they would assume plastic and fake poses, breaking the simplicity and spontaneity that requires a portrait.

This is why you will probably hardly see studio compositions on this website.

I hope you’ll finally enjoy the variety of people that has been caught by my camera.


train boyA young child says hi from the opposite Chemin de Fer (steam train) that goes to the Baie de Somme, northern France.

The lonely wander


Monterrigioni, Italy.

The revenants


I simply love this shot, it reminds me the famous french TV series.  

EXPO, Milan, Italy.

The Milmaid

The Milkmaid

Like a Rock Star, lots of pictures for the Vermeer painting.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.





Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this sun of (New) York . This well known actress is another italian promise of Broadway. To her goes all my wishes to succeed in one of the biggest theatres of the world.


 Matteo is an international consultant in a famous company in Milan. Even though sometimes we had some confrontational movements, I respect him so much. I know how it feels to leave your friends, house and parents for a different and distant journey.



Javier Eugenio Bello Chauriye is a Chilean poet and professor of literature, winner of Pablo Neruda Prize and symbol of the 90s generation of “Shipwrecked”. He is also a fine painter and an amazing person.




Stefano is an eclectic photographer and a promising writer. He was one of the best discovery I had in years and a real surprise to me. He’s currently working in a digital start up, but he has lot to tell about art, photography, cinema and visual arts. Every time I have the occasion and the honour to speak with him, it is always amazing to learn new stuffs thanks to his culture, that is absolutely astonishing. He truly looks like Hemingway to me.


Update: this beautiful picture is one of the many oeuvres of Stefano Sgambati, printed on paper. Well done Stefano!


AnnaA cigarette in the pause in the middle of a very crowdy open air party near the faculty of Letters in the French Riviera.


emaCatch me if you can.

Despite the costume, this guy is a fine criminal lawyer and very decent man. He is one of the few individuals I trust the most.


IMG_7085Normally I’m very carefull and silent taking pictures. As far as I remember she was studying anatomy as I was photographing her and then I crashed something on the floor.



 On the road to Festival de Cannes – Cannes International Film Festival.


StefyI usually dislike panning portrait, as “panning” is tipical of sports pictures, but this one is a truly exception to the rule.

Red Bull Soap Race

Footsteps6 x 6 scan: In the middle of a very crazy race made along with handmade cars, some young people watch the race from an upper view, The Wall: There’s one smoking a joint, and another with spots.

Autoportrait with Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry

 What else?


I had the honour to meet and discuss with one of the most important and known photographer of the world, and he’s absolutely brilliant.

The return of the king

tkbThe only hope of this world in this time of crisis, climate changes, are the new generations. This is why you’ll find many young people over there. The circle is closed. The power of the Three Rings is ended. The time has come… for the dominion of youth.

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